Headhunters (2011) Hodejegerne

20 May

I didn’t quite know  what to expect from this story based on what I had  checked into . I thought a crime thriller al la the  original Thomas Crown Affair. What I got was  stunning sets that make me want to move to Oslo;  the stylish set dec that contrasted wonderfully with the scenery and countryside of Norway.  I vaguely recognized the main actor  as being Askel Hennie who was great as Max Mannus in  Max Mannus Man of War .  The movie was exquisitely violent in an almost casual way that had me squirming in my seat and mumbling uhoh.  The twists and subplots added other facets but mostly this film is about fear. But lots of humour especially directed at Norway law enforcement.  I am not a movie reviewer; simply an enthusiast.  I guess I enjoy foreign films because of my desire to travel and learn about other cultures.  to see a list of links to reviews of this film  click here courtesy of IMDB  Here is a link to the official NA site at Magnolia

One Response to “Headhunters (2011) Hodejegerne”

  1. Kevin Mactaggart May 26, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    Your review makes me want to go see the movie…I’ll look for it Peace,…k…

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